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The Grappler Anchor
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About Us

About Us

In early 2012, Grappler's founder set out to embody what it means to be an American manufacturer.

With American exceptionalism in mind, he aimed to develop the premier rocky-bottom anchor: The Grappler. A product like no other, The Grappler’s unique design ensures that you will never have to cut your line again, even when your anchor seems impossibly stuck. Simply apply force, release the anchor from its position, hoist it back onto your boat, and bend it back to its original condition. How do we know it works? Because we’ve tested The Grappler hundreds of times without breaking.

This is what it means to be both an American-made and American-manufactured product — strength, durability, and tested success. But we didn’t want to stop there, which is why we offer custom products, to give our customers the utmost control over their shopping experiences and their lifestyles.

The boating and marine industry needs innovation. American consumers deserve access to products of the highest caliber, and we wouldn’t offer The Grappler unless we knew it was the best anchor on the market.

Our customer service is second to none. We don’t believe in waiting for products, which is why we process orders typically the same day we receive them and ship them shortly thereafter. Need to get in contact with us? We typically return calls and emails in less than 24 hours.

We work hard so you can play hard. Go ahead, Grab the Bottom!