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The Grappler Anchor
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Bendable Tines

It's what defines The Grappler. The bendable tines, made of high quality aluminum alloy, provide superior holding power, matched with the unique flexibility to release your anchor from its stuck position. Whether above a reef, oyster bed, rocky bottom, or any other tangled surface, simply apply enough force and your Grappler anchor will release from its fixed position. Once you hoist the Grappler on to your boat it’s easy to bend the tines back to their original position.

In Action

 Our Guarantee

The Grappler is made of high quality aluminum, capable of bending repeatedly without breakage. We are so confident in our anchors that we guarantee our product against breakage for 1 year. If you ever break a tine on your anchor, ship it back and we’ll replace it, free of charge.

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